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Địa chỉ: 8th floor, Cantavil building, No. 1 Song Hanh Xa Lo Ha Noi, An Phu Ward, Dist. 2, HCMC - Quy mô: 500-999 nhân viên

HG ENC Engineering and Construction Company was established in 2002 under the business philosophy creating value for the customer through “the best service, best quaity and competitive price”. During 14 years of business operation with various mechanical and construction projects, HG ENC has accumulated significant experiences and expertise. Taking full advantage of it, we provide excellent quality engineering and construction service such as build factories, fabrication of various steel products and machinery installation. Our clients: Thu Duc water treament, Posco Phu My, Posco VST, Kumho-Binh Duong, HungA-Tay Ninh, Formosa-Ha Tinh, Formosa-Nhon Trach, Hyosung-Dong Nai, CJ-Phu My, Ecotek-Bau Bang, Kolon-Bau Bang, Ecotek-Ha Tinh... Even in the future, using our accumulate experience, technology and confidence as the foudation, HG ENC hopes to provides our customers with high quality service and contribute to this society as a true leader for the next generation. Vision HG ENC is gradually implementing our goal of becoming one of the leading Vietnamese construction companies in the country. Gaining the trust of customers and business partners is an important factor contributing to the success of HG ENC. HG ENC considers human most important, HG ENC have opportunity for staff, so that each person can be proud to work and contribute at HG ENC. Mission Bring the best construction solutions and services to meet customer’s expectations, support customers achieve their goals in the long-term business strategy. Evaluate success based on the success of customers and related partners. That success is inevitably based on high quality factors (services with international standards), site safety, reasonable prices and solutions with appropriate progress. Essence values Respect Respect the government and the community, respect customers, partners and workers. Trust Honesty brings trust in all relationships, transactions, with colleagues, customers, partners. This is one of the top criteria of HG ENC. Team Work Understanding the value of teamwork always brings success. Encourage, work together to goal. Labor Safety Providing a workplace that ensures safety for all stakeholders, neighborhoods and community responsibility, is environmentally friendly. Any potential risks can be prevented at each project.