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Trụ sở chínhHiep Phuoc,Nhon Trach,Dong Nai (Namtex Co., Ltd)

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☍ The History of Makalot The years from 1980s to 1990s were the most challenging years for the garment industry in Taiwan as most apparel production had moved offshore. Unwilling to give up on Taiwan, Mr. Frank Chou appealed to partners who shared his confidence and passion. With a capital of NT$8 million, they created Makalot in 1990, and started building Makalot's success. ☍ Makalot Today With the culture of integrity, team, and sharing, Makalot's management team has broken away from the conventional commerce framework and consistently creates new business models. Makalot currently occupies a key position in the global value chain and is steadily expanding its production base. Today, over 33,000 employees work across Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and the Philippines. Company's state-of-art ERP system has coordinated sales, marketing, design, production, global planning, trend analysis. The system has also made Makalot the leader of the apparel industry in Taiwan, and a strategic partner for major retailers across the US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and China. ☍ Makalot's Future Makalot has superior OEM/ODM capability and a firm grip on the market. Outstanding design and engineering skills, integrated planning, management and supply chain have placed Makalot ahead in the market. All these high value added skills have made Makalot an integral service provider in the apparel industry. Although the current client portfolio includes many major US and European brands, and turnover recently exceeded NT$10 billion, the people at Makalot always strive for much more, and through versatile planning skills and developing new markets, Makalot hopes to build future billion-dollar business opportunities. Makalot is making history in a dynamically changing world. By holding fast to the customer-oriented and innovative management approach, Makalot will always remain at the very top of the apparel industry.
Các thông tin trên chỉ mang tính tham khảo! Thông tin MAKALOT INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. hiện có thể đã thay đổi! Nếu bạn thấy thông tin trên không chính xác, xin vui lòng liên hệ timviec24h tại địa chỉ email: hoặc liên hệ zalo (0345820482) hỗ trợ viên Nguyễn Hùng.
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