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** AGREEMENT ON THE COMPANY’S POLICY AND DIRECTION • Company goals : Phase 1: To become top 5 quality renovation company within 2 years <2008-2009>. • Company quality policy 1. To deliver the best quality. 2. To work productively. 3. To control projects cost. 4. To keep site safe & clean at all times. 5. To complete projects on time. • Our standard system Conigplus is determined to adopt and implement the ISO <9001 – 2000> management sytem and Cogniplus already got ISO <9001 – 2000> Certificate in the middle of July, 2008. • Our management concept 1. To provide a family type working atmosphere with feelings of warmth, love & care for each other, supporting each other in our daily work. 2. To provide an atmosphere of care for each other, recognizing each other’s strengths and weakness, enhance the strong qualities and complement and support the weakness. Training will be continually provided to improve skills and development of individual. 3. Create a sense of team work which is a vital ingredient to develop the future of the group. • Our image 1. To build and develop a brand, the Cogniplus brand 2. Company uniform that provide a corporate identity, sense of belonging and team spirit