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Technical Support/CRM Supervisor is expected to set up technical support and management programs for the Bel Ga Vietnam in the South market by cooperating with broiler and layer farmer clients, vaccination suppliers, feed suppliers, slaughter houses and external Food Safety Management teams; to create substantial added value, translated into clear technical result improving action plans, to these stakeholders in particular and the poultry meat value chain as a whole. The Company Bel Ga JSC is a 100% subsidiary of a Joint Venture company called BDH Asia, established in The Netherlands between De Heus Animal Nutrition The Netherlands (49%) and Belgabroed Belgium (51%). De Heus animal nutrition (more than 100 years of experience) is specialized in producing high quality animal feed products in 12 countries worldwide and is a global top 15 player amongst the global animal feed producers. De Heus Vietnam, a subsidiary of De Heus Animal Nutrition The Netherlands, has been growing very rapidly since its establishment in 2008 and has become a top 5 player in animal feed production in Vietnam (750.000 metric tones produced in year 2015). Belgabroed Belgium (more than 80 years of experience) is the market leader in Belgium in producing High Quality Day Old Chicks, Day Old Layers and Hatching Eggs. Belgabroed is also a prominent producer in the Netherlands and exports its products to neighbouring countries such as France and Germany. Furthermore, high quality Hatching Eggs and Day Old Layers are exported to third countries such as Irak, Lybia, Soedan and Russia. The head office of Bel Ga JSC is located in Vietnam, province Lam Dong, Bao Loc, Loc son industrial park. Bel Gà is currently producing Day Old Chickens and Day Old Layers mainly for the domestic market and partly for neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Laos. These DOCs, originating from the highly specialized breeding Company Aviagen or Cobb-Vantress, are produced by using modern technology. Bel Ga JSC is looking for an active, mature and talented Technical Support/CRM Supervisor to join the Tech Support/CRM team.