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Adidas 2020 Internship, Scholarship & Carreer Program

Ngày sinh: 17/07/1989
Giới tính: Nữ
Tình trạng hôn nhân: Độc thân
Địa chỉ:
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Thông tin cơ bản

Nơi làm việc: Hồ Chí Minh
Ngành nghề: Dệt may/Da giày
Trình độ học vấn: Tiến sĩ
Ngày cập nhật: 26/03/2020
Kinh nghiệm: Chưa cập nhật
Hình thức làm việc: Toàn thời gian
Cấp bậc mong muốn: Thực tập sinh
Mức lương mong muốn: 15-20 triệu

Mục tiêu nghề nghiệp


I am a PhD graduated from Chemistry, USA. With strong scientific credentials and a tracking record of working in chemical production and technology, inquisitively learning and collaborative attitude, I hope to join ADIDAS internship program to learn in-dept industrial knowledge and working experience.


Dear recruitment committee, 

I am a fresh out-of-postgrad applicant and full of enthusiasm to break into industry in Vietnam.

Why I choose sporting goods industry? Because I love moving and sporting goods industry, including footwear and clothing, is one of the biggest industries in Vietnam that will give me more opportunity for growth in my career path. Why I choose ADIDAS? As you are already established, ADIDAS’s Master Global Production Engineering and Management Program is the best career entry pathway into Global Sporting Goods manufacturing industry. In short, I am willingly to put my trust in you and cannot wait to grow. My ultimate goal is through the internship at ADIDAS factories, I will learn and be one with your system to create more technological innovations and continue to adapt my management skills in manufacturing.

How could joining ADIDAS help my future? 

You will help me to sustain valuable skills I have acquired during the 5 years of PhD program in USA: wake up with a mission, work in a fast-pace environment, juggle many things at once with deadlines and targets hanging above my head. It was a challenging and dead-tired path but very exciting since I learnt new things every single day that keeps me away from getting old, just like when you work out and constantly challenge yourself to push over your limit. Me, as an adrenaline-driven type, go all in, keep pushing and leverage to get the most rewarding results are my live forces.


Continuous improvement is the mind game and also the physical game. If you cannot keep fit and physically healthy, your mentality is not in the optimal mode. I never heard of women empowerment before I came to the State but now, I believe that women have the right to do all men can do, including spending time to take care of herself, to keep fit and to grow in the career dimension. Being a woman, once at ADIDAS, I hope to convey my stories into your products and missions to continue to empower women, especially tradition Vietnamese women, to reach their full potential.

Coming back to work in my home country, I am committed to choose the more fulfilling career path. For an employee, what else is more fulfilling than working for a company whose products and missions I love. ADIDAS has been a long-time contributor for global well-being and been one of the first companies that adopt sustainable approach to reduce carbon footprint in manufacturing. I am confident to use and promote ADIDAS products.  I dream of the day that I can create innovative products and contribute to make an impact on the brand vision.

Why are my personality and background match what you are looking for?

I did not innately have a passion in sport, but I quickly realized that sport has been my best friend through tough times. When I faced roadblocks in research, just going out to swim or run keep my head clear of ruminative thoughts and open ways for eureka moments to come in. Since then, sport has been one of my survival skills and I got interested in learning about sport nutrients, forms and gears. Now, amid COVID-19, regularly workout at home keeps my head cool and helps me to continue to self-educate to transit into industry.

During graduate school in USA, I have sharpened my communication skill to be able to interact effectively with different teams and disciplines. I learnt to be the devoted team player, give the most to people to be given more. My tracking record of publishing multiple collaboration projects proves that.

I am an expert in chemistry and always try to self-educate more on project management, product life cycle costing, lean maintenance and marketing through online platform and books to facilitate my transition into industry. I also stretched myself to manage research projects and student organization to acquire leadership skills.

You only live once, that way of career motivation has led me to get not-so-common achievements compared to traditional Vietnamese women: being able to study abroad, finishing PhD program and now about to jump into industry even though I have two offers to work as an university lecturer.  To me, exploration and challenging the status quo, pushing boundary, being insistent on continuous improvement is the way to stand out and shine, to live the most fulfilling life and to be remembered. I don’t know what exactly would come next on my journey into industry but for sure, a lot of new things and challenges to be unfold. However, I have lived through tough time and with an altitude not to fail, I think I will land somewhere unique.

I hope my skillsets and perspectives would match what you are looking for at a future manager for ADIDAS. 

Thank you!





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Kỹ năng bản thân


- Strong scientific background in Chemistry and scientific investigating methods

- Fluently in Vietnamese and English (speaking/listening/reading/writing); TOEFL 105/120

-Knowledge of footwear production: leather, textile, thread, reinforcements, lace, glue, hardware, logo, foam, midsole cushioning system, outsole, waterproof construction, footbeds, webbing, plastic part, shoe material testing/costing/library, material vendor relations, sustainable production.

- Problem-solving skills: meticulously probing the progress, actively seek and foresee issues, analyze and find solutions.

- Continuous learning and improvement.

- Professional Computer skills:  Word, Excel, Keynote, PowerPoint, Statistic Minitab

  • Kỹ năng giao tiếp
  • Kỹ năng làm việc theo nhóm
  • Giải quyết vấn đề
  • Kỹ năng thuyết trình
  • Quản lý thời gian hiệu quả
  • Dễ dàng thích nghi với môi trường mới

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                       Iowa State University, 2014–2019

- Work on multidiscipline project and collaborate with other teams to implement an idea into practice with consideration of expenses and available resources (chemical inventory, instrument, time and labor) to ensure the production of target compounds in safe practice. Report progress and result to supervisor in daily, weekly manner.

- In contact with supplier for technical support, sale and promotion, negotiate prices, warranty and instrument maintenance. In charge of testing supplied material and resolve with supplier in case of starting material inconsistency.

- Active in finding new technology and compounds with new functions and features to enrich the research portfolio.

- Train new members with chemical handling, testing, storage, safety and inventory, how to work with instrument via SOPs, how to work under environment, health and safety regulations (EHS)

- Result: complete 4 first author projects & 3 collaborative projects.

TEACHING ASSISTANT                                          Iowa State University, 2014–2019

-Responsibility: provide laboratory training according to EH&S to students, make sure the laboratory is set up to EH&S regulation to ensure student safety 

- Leadership: simplify and delegate task, monitoring and building team rapport among students

- Result: high ranking end of semester evaluation

STUDENT ORGANIZATION PRESIDENT                       Iowa State university, 2017–2018                    

- Leadership: led a team of college students to educate on-campus students with career development and Internships, Co-ops, and full-time positions via workshop and inviting influential speakers. Created a workflow and monitored tasks.

- Persuasion:  built team rapport, helped team members understand the processes and implement them. Persuaded speakers to see the mutual benefits and engage in events.

- Result: Facilitated the transition of 25 students to internship and full-time jobs. Successfully fund-raised 1250$ from one-semester campaign launch.

Học vấn bằng cấp


Doctor of philosophy, major: Organic Chemistry                                                               

Iowa State University, USA (ISU). GPA: 3.55/4

2014–December 2019

B.Sc. in Chemistry                                                                                                   

Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam. GPA: 3.48/4


B.Sc. Chemistry Internship                                                                              

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

Summer 2010 & 2011