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TIAXA provides the mobile telecom market with infrastructure, clearinghouse and revenue enhancement services, improving the efficiency with which the current prepaid user base is managed, and increasing revenues for major Operators around the world. In partnership with mobile Operators, Tiaxa also provides innovative mobile financial service (MFS) propositions to people, with the aim of improving their lives through the application of mobile technology. With over 60 installations in 24 clients in 19 countries and 300 million end-users, the Company processes 40 billion transactions per year, managing over US$ 1.5 billion in income for the MNO's. In the MFS space, Tiaxa provides more than 4 million nano-credits each day, in more than 15 countries from Ecuador to Bangladesh. Tiaxa’s Managed Services offering is based on a combination of proprietary, patented software platforms and business methods, user-centric business analytics and 7x24 operational services, in the rating and charging, as well as the user-balance management and financial services realms, in order to achieve significant increases in efficiency , mobile usage, stickiness, ARPU and revenue. Tiaxa is headquartered in Chile, and has presence in Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Hong Kong, México, Peru, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.