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Palms - Cafe & Bar

Palms Cafe is a getaway from a busy life right in the heart of Saigon. PALM TREES together with tropical vibe is where you can chill and socialize. Cabana in between trees is meant for couple and small group of friends, who need a little privacy. Music of RNB, HIPHOP and DEEP HOUSE is the complimentary to the vibe. A little bit of ACCOUSTIC sometimes will be a great therapy for your soul. In the meantime, Slushy cocktails are always refreshing and perfect for those hot days while being fancy with the fusion foods like Cream Brulee Foie Gras or Soft Shell Crab Truffle Risotto. The night can be more exciting and playful with those games like GIANT JENGA and BEER BONG. It will be classier and funnier with CHAMPAGNE BONG and load of new friends.