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ABOUT MACE Mace is an international consultancy and construction company, founded on exceptional people, a commitment to service excellence and a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit with employing over 6,376 people and operating across 75 countries. Mace’s core business is programme and project management, construction delivery, cost consultancy and facilities management, but it is truly multi-disciplinary with services spanning the entire property and infrastructure lifecycle. Our values guide our behaviours as a business and should permeate in everything we do, including our relationships with our clients, our partners, our suppliers and the communities we operate in. This means that our values are integral to us as a company and to succeed in achieving our vision each and every employee at Mace needs to be a brand ambassador, which ultimately means living and breathing these values on a daily basis. Safety first - going home safe and well We strive to protect our people, our supply chain partners and the communities in which we work by nurturing a behavioural culture that lives and breathes health, safety and wellbeing. Client focus - deliver on our promise We are founded on a commitment to quality service for our clients and delivering on our promises. Every project and programme is an opportunity to innovate and find better ways of doing things - saving time, saving money and connecting people to deliver above and beyond. Create opportunity - for our people to excel We have continued to invest in training and the development of our people to enable them to be the best they can be. Our people are our most important asset, our employees have knowledge and experience, but they are about so much more than that. Mace people share a common drive to succeed, an enthusiasm for their work, and a passion for providing exceptional service to our clients and communities. Integrity - always do the right thing Integrity is the moral compass which should guide everything we do. Put simply, it is about having the courage to do the right thing for employees, clients, communities and suppliers. We want to be recognised as a responsible business, both for the way our business operates and for the services that we provide to our clients.
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