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The Company Emerges-lite distributes semiconductor components for advanced applications. With main office based in Singapore, representative offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and China, Emerges-lite is engaged in servicing world's leading OEMs, CEMs and high-tech industries in major economic regions in Asia In line with our customer-oriented distribution business, we provide value added services such as turn-key design and development, technical consultancy, material engineering management, value-added manufacturing and re-engineering. Our team of dedicated professionals can offer our customers the solutions, services and support, and provide logistic planning and due delivery. Our Mission We are devoted to servicing our customers by enabling the vestibule of the high-tech world, with the objective of co-sharing the benefits of the advancement, thus actualizing better living for the humanity as a whole. Environmental Statement Preserving clean environment and conserving natural resources are issues that concern us all. It is our philosophy in maintaining a conducive earth where our dwelling environ is. The individual parts each of us play are critical to our future, and to our children. It is the responsibility of everyone, manufacturers, distributors and users, to incorporate the practices of informed stewardship in daily life. Waste, whether produced in the manufacturing plant, office, or home, adds to environmental deficiency. We urge all concern to reduce our consumption of resources to reasonable level, reuse those assets where practicable. We should dispose wastes intelligently, recycle those whenever possible. Emerges-lite supports green environment movement, and the products we supply are in compliance with RoHS Directives. We are also AS9120 Certified.
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6 Ubi Road 1, #05-07, Wintech Centre Singapore 408726