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Lương: 20-25 triệu Khu vực: Hồ Chí Minh Hạn nộp: 06/03/2020


Địa chỉ: - Quy mô: 10-24 nhân viên

InfoFabrica was established in 2013 as cloud consulting and managed services firm to guide organizations through their digital transformation cloud era. The company has broadened its geographical footprints in South East Asia with offices in every major city, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Digi InfoFabrica was established from a Joint Venture between InfoFabrica and DigiWorld in March 2017. We share seven core values based on F.A.B.R.I.C.A: Family, Accountability, Believe, Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, Adaptability. InfoFabrica strives to be a company where everyone will be proud of by incorporating our values in our everyday lives. We are always open to our people to take up new challenges through opportunities to broaden their horizons in many different ways. We want the best for our people and ensure our people will always be part of Digi InfoFabrica’s Family.