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Tư Vấn Tuyển Sinh (Lương Cứng 8-12 Triệu + %doanh Thu)


Lương: Thỏa thuận Khu vực: Hồ Chí Minh Hạn nộp: Đã hết hạn


Địa chỉ: 66-68 Vo Van Tan, ward 6, District 3 - Quy mô: 25-99 nhân viên

American Education Group (AEG) is one of Vietnam’s oldest education providers and consultancies offering a range of English advancement, academic and preparatory courses to prepare students for international study and employment. As not just teachers but educators, AEG’s academic team is passionate about our role in helping students succeed. We do this by being at the forefront of education theory and methodology and designing unique, fun and practical curriculums that engage different learning styles, encourage teamwork and cooperative learning, and ensure the success of every student. Given the realities of modern education and employment, AEG’s Whiz Kids and Teen Spirit study English through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) – these are the subjects that challenge students most when they go abroad and enter international working environments. By introducing these subjects early, students can be expected to excel through each stage of their academic and professional advancement. AEG also employs a wide range of test professionals that have developed unique and effective approaches to achieve high scores. From IELTS and TOEFL to SAT and ACT, our curriculums have been proven again and again to help students not only pass exams, but get the highest percentile scores. For our older learners looking to advance their professional careers, AEG has developed a strategic method of study that puts students in practical life and business situations and challenges them to use their English in activities that reflect what they will truly face in their professional endeavors. Most importantly, AEG is a learning community. You do more than just attend classes, you become part of an academic lifestyle that engages not only academic and professional pursuits, but also your interests and aspirations. AEG creates lifelong learners, passionate leaders and ethical citizens who can confidently take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.