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Công ty TNHH Reverse Logistics Việt Nam

Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) is an international provider of comprehensive reverse logistics solutions. The company’s subsidiaries and equity holdings are leading operators of both individual and collective take-back-systems for products and reusable materials in Europe, the US and Asia. Closing the material loop, RLG enables its customers to be compliant with legislative and operational requirements related to sustainability and resource efficiency. As part of the Reverse Logistics Group, RLG Vietnam is a member of a strong group of companies and is built on a solid foundation of expertise. Our advantages include:  Neutral sourcing of logistics and recycling service providers on an international level  Transparent and legally compliant waste disposal  IT solutions developed in-house for accurate volume downstream reporting and order management  Minimization of costs and increase in revenues by bundling the flow of quantities  Added value offers to improve customer retention We provide with sustainable support: for extra environmental protection, for maximum security of raw material supplies and for satisfied customers.