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** Work Instructions Note More detailed work instructions will be provided at the time the hires are brought on. Training Intro The purpose of this is to allow the new hire to get a feeling for the systems they will be using. • They will be provided a login for Wordpress and be allowed to explore through it and build a page on it • They will be able to import an existing One Page Solution to understand how Content Management and formatting works • They will be provided one of the simpler tools to understand and play with • They will conduct some research into SEO and how it works Howard’s Website Intro Howard wanted to create a new company website to help him conduct market research. He needs the website to seem legitimate. The site needs to cover the various Markets: Critical Infrastructure, Consumer Products, Cyber Innovations, Industrial Products & Services And will be a generic ‘Solutions Business’ that ‘solves problems’ but won’t have any actual products to sell. Work The goal for the Content Creators is to find a similar american type site. Or several. Be able to compile data to match the limited requirements and build the site on Wordpress. First Content Pages Background Hopefully by the time Howard’s Website is done we have some samples of the simpler tools for this team to play with. Intro Team will begin work on the One Page Solutions utilizing a simpler tool. Work • Team will be provided a list of known features. Team will discover these features (or read the manual). • Team will create a design outline of a One Page Solution for approval. • Team will begin creating the instruction set and images for the One Page Solution onto Wordpress • Repeat above for each tool